Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Industrial Equipment Design Centre

The CDEI is a technology innovation centre specialised in machine engineering with over 10 years of continuous experience. Its activities range from the conceptualisation, design, simulation and calculations required to produce new capital goods and products to the management of prototyping processes and testing.
Specifically, the CDEI's areas of activity are:

Development of industrial, scientific and leisure equipment based on client specifications, including:

• Conceptual and structural design of products and capital goods
• Simulation, calculation and sizing
• Prototyping and small batch production
• Human resource training

High-speed camera system

High-speed cameras facilitate the analysis and resolution of problems arising from the use of machinery in production. The many advantages they offer stem from the fact that they allow users to bypass slow and costly trial-and-error processes. The system offers:
• Video function and subsequent processing of images. Exhaustive data analysis.
• Mechanical failure detection in high-speed mechanisms.
• Analysis in different areas of activity.
• Detection of errors in production lines and vibrations in forming processes.

Expert reports

Due to malfunctions of industrial machinery for mechanical reasons. Patent comparisons.

Technical and strategic R&D and innovation consulting: collaboration and two-way technology transfer.

• Innovation committee
• Structuring and definition of the product range
• Definition of the product's modular architecture
• Consulting services for the organisation and management of technical offices
• Concurrent engineering

IN BLUE design: sustainable equipment design

Energy audit of the equipment for the operating process in which the machine is used.
Assessment of the energy strategy for the product and process.
Minimisation of the environmental impact of consumption and emissions over the full lifecycle.
Design to streamline packaging and transport (DFMA).
Application of renewable energies.
Glocalisation: global versus local optimums.

In order to provide highly effective solutions for the sector's technology needs, the professionals at the CDEI have tailored their skills and services to the demands of today's global world. To this end, the CDEI's work method consists in studying the entire operating process, the geographical, environmental and cultural context, and energy consumption from the very start, when the machine's specifications are being defined.


The CDEI offers its technological services in the following sectors:


Capital goods  





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  • Industrial batch washer

    CDEI UPC has developed an industrial-grade batch washer based on an original concept to meet needs such as:

    -Enhanced performance
    -Economical manufacture
    -Versatile configuration

    The result was an internationally patented product: a highly configurable, modular batch washer with low production costs.

  • Development of an articulated motorised trolley

    Design (from conception) and production of the first units of an articulated motorised trolley to facilitate internal transport at hospital complexes. The trolley's motorised central wheel and articulated structure make it suitable for navigating irregular terrain and other obstacles and ensure sufficient traction of the drive wheel regardless of the load. This keeps the motorised wheel on a linear course and enables changes in direction with minimal effort by the user. The motorisation moreover ensures optimal manoeuvrability and steering. The product is internationally patented. All-terrain trolleys are often loaded beyond the ergonomically acceptable limits, forcing users to strain and risk back injuries that can cause them to miss work.

  • System for generating sustainable energy

    Conceptual design of a system for generating electrical energy.

    Applied research in which the CDEI designed a system to generate energy from the vibrations of moving machinery. The final electromagnetic system uses an energy-harvesting process to generate electricity from vibratory movements.


  • Redesign of industrial equipment. Design of a particle separator

    A separator is a machine fitted with a turbine that uses centrifugal force to separate particles. The entire machine was analysed with a view to resizing the components and preventing them from vibrating in resonance when it was operated at high speeds.

    The CDEI analysed the system's critical speeds, stresses and strains, the optimal bearings and materials for the equipment, and the redesign to prevent the negative effects of the critical speed.