Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH



CITCEA is characterised by its expertise in mechatronics
and enertronics, especially in the fields of power electronics
and digital control.

• Mechatronics involves working with electrical and electronic
equipment, power electronics, microprocessor control and
communications, digital signal processing (DSP) and automation.
• Enertronics involves energy innovation in all activities related
to the electricity sector and electric power,  from its generation
to its consumption.

CITCEA provides businesses with the following types of projects:

Design and development of static power converters controlled digitally using microcontrollers and DSP.

Design and improvement of mechanical equipment so that all current technologies in electronics, control, information science and communications can be used.

Improved management, control and quality of electric power from its production to its consumption, including renewable energies and integration into the electricity grid.

Automation of machines and industrial processes using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and computers.

DC power supplies.

Machine digital control using microcontrollers and DSP, including the acquisition and processing of data and signals. Control of DC and induction engines, embedded PCs, etc.

Fast and ultra-fast battery chargers, introduction of electric vehicles.

Equipment monitoring the quality of the electricity grid, remote monitoring by mobile phone or Internet, diagnosis of disturbances, proposals to eliminate sensitivity to disturbances, executive project for the solution.

CITCEA develops turnkey projects for businesses in various sectors and accompanies its clients all the way up to the industrialisation phase.

It operates in the following sectors:

Capital goods productionEnergy and the environmentIndustrial automation



Wind power, solar power and microgrids.


http://www.citcea.upc.edu | info.cit@upc.edu | +34.93.405.46.90 | +34.93.405.44.19

  • Design and implementation of a prototype external charger for municipal solid waste (MSW) collection vehicles

  • Design and implementation of a 700 V DC NiMH battery charger (up to 14 kW) using a high-frequency full-bridge converter.

  • Design of an electric actuator for electric resistance welding

    • High versatility and precision for controlling welding compared to machines with pneumatic actuators.
    • Replacement of the main pneumatic cylinders and compensation cylinders with electric actuators to improve quality and prevent sheets from becoming deformed during welding.  
    • Same speed and force as with pneumatic actuators, but a shorter cycle time due to versatile movement.


  • Design of a large-format digital printing machine for printing directly onto synthetic fabrics

    Design of the control of piezoelectric printheads. Design of the hardware and software for processing digital printing. PC- or CANopen-based automation of printing.