Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Data Management Group

DAMA UPC was created in 1999. The centre focuses on R&D
and technology transfer related to the retrieval of large data
volumes, information quality and data exploration in fields
such as science, marketing and health.

DAMA has developed three technology products:


DAURUM improves the quality of data by keeping databases clean, prevents duplicates, and allows different data sources to merge and process their data in real time.


BIBEX enables complex bibliographical searches and explores the relationships between authors, keywords and papers.



A high-performance system for managing large graphs or networks. Sparksee enables queries that specifically use its intrinsic nature as a network (linked data), such as how to find connections, shortcuts and central network elements, detecting patterns, etc. Sparksee can manage multiple data sources and create queries that combine the different types of data.


DAMA has registered 6 patents, one of which for to out-license:

  • Multidimensional method and system for classifying computer-implemented patent portfolio and technologies and associated database (P200802549)

DAMA operates in many sectors in which large-volume data management is needed. It has worked with companies in the following sectors:


DAMA operates in many sectors in which large-volume data management is needed. It has worked with companies in the following sectors:

Social network analysis







Geographical networks












Bibliographic exploration

DAMA has six registered patents.


http://www.dama.upc.edu | info.cit@upc.edu | +34.93.405.46.90 | +34.93.405.44.19

  • Scientific analysis in Spain (Ministry of Science and Innovation - MICINN)

  • Database cleaning for distributor, client and marketing databases (various manufacturers and distributors).

  • Information analysis software for cancer patients

    The project was carried out with the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO). The aim was to facilitate the planning of health services used in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with any type of cancer. The software gathers useful data from hospital discharge files (including admission, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures used, and adverse effects), to analyse the procedures implemented for each type of tumour.

  • Technology platform for Cloud Data management

    DAMA UPC takes part in CoherentPaaS, a European project within Seventh Framework Programme. The aim of the project is to develop a technology platform for cloud data management, including NoSQL stores such as key-value and graph databases, SQL databases with in-memory and column-oriented databases, hybrid systems such as SQL engines over key-value stores, and complex event processing data management systems. All of these systems can be programmed using a common query language. In addition, a scalable transaction processing system will provide holistic coherence across data stores. The project’s results could simplify the development and increase the quality of cloud applications using one query language with holistic coherence.