Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Centre for Industrial Diagnostics and Fluid Dynamics

CDIF is home to a team of PhD-level industrial engineers with more than 20 years of experience in vibrations, diagnostics, damage detection and fluid dynamics.
The centre provides technological support to companies in areas related to the diagnostics of electric generation units, especially of the hydroelectric variety.
The centre's main areas of expertise are as follows:

Analysis and diagnosis of vibration problems in machinery

On-site problem-solving; analysis of complex cases using advanced techniques such as signal processing and simulation; diagnosis on the basis of data provided by the company via email; vibrations in pipes; modal analysis.

Fluid dynamics studies

Problem analysis; cavitation; experimental measurements; various simulations; laboratory testing; fluid-structure interaction; structural response.

Collaboration on industrial projects

Fluid-structure interaction; design of small facilities.

Online remote monitoring

Installation of online monitoring equipment; remote supervision of critical machinery from the CDIF's facilities; remote diagnosis on request.

Predictive maintenance

Implementation of vibration-based predictive-maintenance systems; selection of measurement points, positions, acquisition parameters, bands, alarm levels, database preparation, measurement paths, etc.; on-site company personnel training; supervision of measurements carried out by company personnel; large-scale damage detection.

CDIF participates actively in conferences specific to its area of expertise and publishes articles in internationally recognised scientific journals. Additionally, it is involved in the UPC doctoral degree course Mechanical Engineering, Fluids and Aeronautics.

CDIF develops its technological capacities in the following sectors:

EnergyAgricultural and mechanical industryChemical industry

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  • Vibration monitoring for predictive maintenance at all Endesa plants

    300 generators in the Ebro-Pyrenees, Southern and Northwestern hydroelectric production units.

  • Improved performance of cooker hoods

    The Centre for Industrial Diagnostics and Fluid Dynamics (CDIF UPC) has carried out a project with Pando to improve the acoustic performance and fluid dynamics of extractor hoods manufactured by the company. CDIF UPC carried out an acoustic and fluid dynamics study of all Pando hoods on the market, to find out their qualities and limitations using experimental measurements and numerical simulation. The data were then used to optimize the model by increasing the fume extraction area, improving the air path from the exterior to the inlet of the fan in order to increase the suction, and increasing the isolation of the system. These improvements led to a 40% reduction in pressure drop and a 2 db reduction in noise level.