Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Motion Control And Industrial Applications

MCIA focuses its activity on electrical and electronic engineering technology transfer for industry. It has technological expertise in the fields of energy optimisation; supervision, control and diagnostics of mechatronic systems; and instrumentation and communications.

It offers businesses technologies in the following areas:

Simulation of mechatronic systems, instrumentation and measurement of mechatronic systems, and industrial processes.

Design and control of motor systems.

Software development: personalised applications based on DSP, microcontroller and FPGA technologies.

Development of high-performance power audio amplifiers.

Finite element modelling and analysis.

Hardware development: power converter topologies, conditioning circuits and interfaces.

Supervision and data-acquisition systems for industrial processes.

Application of artificial intelligence techniques to diagnostic systems.

MCIA holds eight registered patents, two of which are available to out-license:

  • Diagnostic equipment and speakers to use this procedure by using Wavelet Transform (P201001425)
  • Diagnostic equipment and speakers to use this procedure using transformed ZAM (P201001423)

MCIA carries out its activities in sectors such as:

Construction of machinery and mechanical equipmentElectrical, electronic and optical materials and equipmentManufacturingLand and air transportStorageEnergy

http://www.mcia.upc.edu | info.cit@upc.edu | +34.93.405.46.90 | +34.93.405.44.19


    CENIT project led by SEAT that aims to analyse the new EMC requirements for electric and hybrid vehicles.


    Multi-purpose high-power AC/DC industrial switch.


    Low-cost predictive maintenance system for industrial machinery based on induction motor analysis, wireless networks and self-power technologies.

  • More Open Electrical Technologies (MOET)

    Project to establish the new industrial standard for electrical system design for commercial aircraft with a view to strengthening the competitiveness of the European aeronautical industry.