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Motion Control And Industrial Applications

MCIA focuses its activity on electrical and electronic engineering technology transfer for industry. It has technological expertise in the fields of energy optimisation; supervision, control and diagnostics of mechatronic systems; and instrumentation and communications.

It offers businesses technologies in the following areas:

Simulation of mechatronic systems, instrumentation and measurement of mechatronic systems, and industrial processes.

Design and control of motor systems.

Software development: personalised applications based on DSP, microcontroller and FPGA technologies.

Development of high-performance power audio amplifiers.

Finite element modelling and analysis.

Hardware development: power converter topologies, conditioning circuits and interfaces.

Supervision and data-acquisition systems for industrial processes.

Application of artificial intelligence techniques to diagnostic systems.

MCIA holds eight registered patents, two of which are available to out-license:

  • Diagnostic equipment and speakers to use this procedure by using Wavelet Transform (P201001425)
  • Diagnostic equipment and speakers to use this procedure using transformed ZAM (P201001423)

MCIA carries out its activities in sectors such as:

Construction of machinery and mechanical equipmentElectrical, electronic and optical materials and equipmentManufacturingLand and air transportStorageEnergy

http://www.mcia.upc.edu | info.cit@upc.edu | +34.93.405.46.90 | +34.93.405.44.19


    Audio amplifier with multi-level topology for PA applications.


    Assessment and efficient management of energy in automated warehouses.

  • Smart sensor for early fault detection in industrial machinery

    The Motion Control and Industrial Applications (MCIA UPC) centre, which is led by PhD. Luis Romeral, together with other European centres and companies, has developed a sensor based on acoustic emissions that is self-powered, smart and capable of automatically establishing a wireless network that helps in the control and maintenance of rotating machinery.

    This technology has been developed as part of the Mosycousis European project, which aims to develop a system for monitoring mechanical elements for the early detection of faults in industrial machinery. This project is an example of European public-private collaboration to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.


    More information: Jordi Martín

    Industrial Liason Office

    Phone: 93.4054690

    Email: info.cit@upc.edu

  • New drivetrain for electric vehicles

    The Motion Control and Industrial Applications Centre (MCIA UPC) is designing and developing a new drivetrain for high-performance electric vehicles for urban mobility and municipal services. The drivetrain achieves the electrical and electronic integration of all the components required for electric traction in a compact, low-cost powertrain that is fault tolerant and highly efficient. The project is being carried out through a consortium of Spanish and Mexican companies, together with the Faculty of Science and Electronics of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico).