Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Center of Applied Research in Hydrometeorology

CRAHI seeks to provide scientific and technological solutions in the field of hydrometeorological management and forecasting and, in particular, to develop models of the processes that drive the surface water cycle.

Its areas of technological expertise include:

The development of algorithms and integrated hydrological and meteorological models for forecasting hydrological resources, as well as appropriate tools for these processes

Analytical, numerical and experimental support services for the design of innovative solutions to emerging problems in the field of water

Quantification of resources, risk assessment and prediction, prevention and decision-making, quantification of impacts, etc.

Technical diagnostic studies and the design of decision and forecasting support systems in the field of hydrometeorology

CRAHI develops meteorological and hydrological forecasting models capable of converting rain forecasts into flow forecasts, techniques to measure and quantify rainfall, flow and other hydrometeorological variables, and hydrological applications for weather radars.

CRAHI carries out its activities in the following sectors:

CRAHI carries out its activities in the following sectors: 

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  • Imprints

    The Imprints platform incorporates the most advanced forecasting and warning models for real-time predictions of flood risk due to torrential rain. It can be used to determine 24 hours in advance whether there will be a torrential rain or flood event, and which areas it will affect, accurate to the square kilometre. It helps to gain time and increases the safety of the population in emergency situations.