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Renewable Electrical Energy Systems

SEER is a leading international centre for the development of a new generation of smart grids with the aim of achieving the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources in the electrical network.

SEER offers solutions for the development of smart power grids with new integration systems based on renewable energy sources, electronic power processors, information and communication technology, and advanced control systems.

SEER has expertise in the following types of projects, among others:

Design and testing of equipment and systems for connecting to photovoltaic and wind-power grids, as well as both high-efficiency (PV and low-power wind power) and high-power (high-power wind power) converters.

Distributed control systems for smart grids.

Study of solutions to improve power grid stability.

Modelling of new generation technologies.

Design of equipment and systems for smart microgrids to improve power quality and protect smart grids.

Design and assessment of measuring and metering systems.

Analysis of the impact of distributed generation on electrical systems.

Study of high-voltage wind-power connection systems.

SEER likewise prepares technical reports on new equipment and systems and can represent companies on technical committees and/or in technology platforms.

SEER carries out its activities in the field of energy in the following sectors:

SEER carries out its activities in the field of energy in the following sectors:
Alternative energy production: photovoltaic, low-power wind power, high-power wind power, etc.Smart gridsEfficient energy demand

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