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enVIA information system

An information system was developed for ALSTOM Spain, a leading company in the rail transport sector, to display the real-time positions of its operating trains on a geographic map.

The display of train positions and the opportunity to obtain records of incidents enable immediate detection of any problems with the operation of the trains. This means that work can begin to solve problems faster.

The tooPath application has been used to display the position of the fleet. The tooPath environment is the first free tracking system created 100% with open source technology and data. Among other functions, tooPath enables mobile devices (with GPS) to be tracked around the world.

Benefits of applying the enVIA system

  • Real-time positioning of trains on a geographic map, for constant identification of their location.
  • Remote, immediate access to information about train incidents. Previously, the train had to reach its destination before this information could be downloaded.
  • Incidents on AVE and AVANT trains are sent to the ETRA Web Maintenance website (ALSTOM France’s information system).


  • TooPath, Joomla, MySQL, PHP

Areas of expertise involved in the project

  • Mobile applications and GIS
  • Geolocation and tracking
  • Open Street Map
  • Web Service