Centre d’innovació i Tecnologia BARCELONATECH


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Laboratory

LABSON is an applied research laboratory that conducts theoretical
studies and simulations with strong experimental support. Its primary
objective is to generate multidisciplinary knowledge applicable
to the design and development of fluid mechanical, hydraulic and
pneumatic systems and to their use in the automation of machinery
and industrial processes.

Its main areas of activity are:

Conception, design, simulation and calculation up to the prototyping and testing of:

• Fluid mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems
• Measurement systems
• Demo equipment


Design of automated facilities and fluid power systems

• Industrial-scale testing to assess the operating features, behaviour, etc., of equipment.


• Calibrations
• Diagnostic reports
• Reports on the state of the art (technological development)
• Reports on recommendations
• Selection of measurement systems and test protocols

LABSON holds seven registered patents.

LABSON has carried out its activities in the following sectors:

Agriculture and livestockCapital goodsRenewable energy


Moving, lifting and transport equipment and road maintenance and cleaning equipment.

LABSON is the Spanish representative of Fluid Power Net (FPN), a hydraulic and pneumatic laboratory network that aims to promote and facilitate the exchange of information and resources at the international level.

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